Thanks for being willing to contribute!

You can contribute as an organizing committee member or as a code contributor.

Volunteering as Committee Member

We strive to provide a friendly environment for developers to share and learn from each other, and you can help us to achieve that by volunteering as an committee members.

Following are the areas that you can contribute:

  1. logistics arrangement (venue/food)
  2. emcee and session facilitation
  3. participant registration & onboarding
  4. event marketing
  5. design

Just talk to us about which one you would like to contribute to.

Contributing as Code Contributor

This site serves as place to collect all resources for React KL meetup but more importantly, a chance for you to gain experience in a real project.

Go to our repo to look for issues tagged with "good first issue" and leaves a comment that you interested to work on it. We will follow-up with you shortly.

Don't worry if you not familiar with the workflow and what to change, we will guide you through the process.