KL React 2022 August Meetup

Tue, 23 Aug 2022 6:30 PM



  • 6.30pm

    Get to know each other + eating

  • 7.00pm

    My journey in scaling frontend applications

    A brief sharing about how I overcame the challenges when rolling out the frontend application to different markets and regions, and what I learnt from this journey.

  • 7.30pm

    Micro-frontend with React

  • 8.00pm

    Microservices in the real world: Pitfalls and patterns

    Microservices have evolved from a buzzword to a default in many organizations.

  • 8.30pm

    My setup and workflow for a npm package

    Creating and maintaining a npm package is a useful technique to share code across projects. This talk will shares my setup and workflow for npm packages that I am currently using in work.

  • 8.45pm

    Hiring shoutout