KL React October Online Meetup

Wed, 07 Oct 2020 8:00 PM

@Online event


  • 8.00pm

    Get to know each other + React Clinic

  • 8.30pm

    Test Your Promises

    Abhishek Prasad

    A brief talk about JS promises, making it as complicated as possible(along with async/await) and how to test it out in JS.

  • 9.00pm

    Scalable Micro Frontend with Module Federation

    Malcolm Kee

    Learn how the module federation feature (available in webpack 5) enables a scalable micro frontend architecture that improves your development and deployment workflow without sacrificing user experience.

  • 9.30pm

    Integration UI Testing Made Easier with @testing-library

    Khairul Nizam Saiful

    Integration testing shouldn't be hard. @testing-library allows you to write integration tests as how users interact with your React web pages. Learn the basics and discuss a few practical examples.

  • 10.00pm

    Company hiring or developer looking for opportunity