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KL React Meetup #2: Talks & Clinic

Thu, 26 Sep 2019 7:00 PM

@Fave Malaysia HQ


  • 7.30pm


    Get/give diagnosis of your code that is causing you headache. More details.

  • 8.00pm

    Why The Hook: Evolution of Stateful Logic Composition in React

    Malcolm Kee

    A brief history of how stateful logic in React evolved from mixin, to HOC/Render Props, and finally to hooks today. You would understand why hooks is a better patterns in React.

  • 8.30pm

    Creating CSS Animations in React

    Wendy Kong

    CSS animations (when used correctly) can add life to your website and engage users. In this talk we will explore a simple animation built on pure CSS and HTML, and how to make the code cleaner and more extensible using React and Emotion.

  • 9.00pm

    Deploying React Native to Web

    Joel Yek

    With Expo you can deploy to iOS and Android with ease. Now you can use Expo for web as well 🤯

  • 9.30pm

    wrap up

    Nothing else to see here.