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  • A Productive React Codebase

    We will be looking into the next step in React learning and utilising its abstraction power to extract stateful logic and convert a working component into a reusable component that can be implemented in different parts in the application easily and smoothly. We will be using Hooks and HOC to achieve this and to have a much readable and elegant code.

  • Accessibility First

    Looking into how we can design websites for people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions. Thereby, taking care of the entire spectrum of our users.

  • Boost your developer experience with GraphQL

    Managing data fetching and UI rendering logics when dealing with API calls are the most challenging and often frustrating for most developers. This talk presents the benefits that GraphQL offers for enhancing developer experience.

  • Creating CSS Animations in React

    CSS animations (when used correctly) can add life to your website and engage users. In this talk we will explore a simple animation built on pure CSS and HTML, and how to make the code cleaner and more extensible using React and Emotion.

  • Deploying React Native to Web

    With Expo you can deploy to iOS and Android with ease. Now you can use Expo for web as well 🤯

  • Effective TypeScript: 7 Ways to Improve Your TypeScript

    TypeScript is getting traction in recent years as it provides type safety to the dynamic JavaScript without causing runtime overhead. However, as TypeScript keep evolving, the yesterday best practices may becomes obsolete and should be replaced with something more idiomatic and powerful features. This talk will covers 7 concrete and actionable tips to improve your TypeScript code.

  • Exploring React Additional Hooks

    Learn when to use React additional hooks and how it can enhance your application performance and usability.

  • Hidden Powers of Template Literals

    People usually think that backticks (` `) are yet another quote for strings. But that's much more to string literal in JavaScript than normal single and double quotes. I'll talk about how string literals can be used a in CSS in JS, Web Component and how `Literal Tag` functions works.

  • Integration UI Testing Made Easier with @testing-library

    Integration testing shouldn't be hard. @testing-library allows you to write integration tests as how users interact with your React web pages. Learn the basics and discuss a few practical examples.

  • Introduction to GraphQL and Apollo Server

    This talk gives a brief overview about GraphQL (including differences as compared to RESTful APIs) and its implementation via Apollo Server.

  • Introduction to TypeScript Features in React

    Introduction to features of TypeSript that developers can use to benefit their work flow.

  • Making sense of SSR, SPA, and Pre-rendering

    How to make architecture decision between server-side rendering, single page application, and pre-rendering. The talk will touch on what options does nextjs and nuxtjs provides, what are the pros and cons, what type of web application is suitable for each types, and what are the compromises. Will also demonstrate live websites with this characteristic.

  • Peeking inside React: The Background Magic

    Looking into how react is rendered and what are the processes that they follow, VDom, Reconciliation, Memoization.

  • React Concurrent Mode

    An overview of the next major React feature - Concurrent Mode. Understand how concurrent mode could improves user experience by unlocking new UI patterns that was not possible previously.

  • React in Angular: A Migration Approach

    Sharing of how to incrementally migrate your frontend application from Angular to React by putting React inside Angular application.

  • Scalable Micro Frontend with Module Federation

    Learn how the module federation feature (available in webpack 5) enables a scalable micro frontend architecture that improves your development and deployment workflow without sacrificing user experience.

  • Test Your Promises

    A brief talk about JS promises, making it as complicated as possible(along with async/await) and how to test it out in JS.

  • Using MDX in Gatsby site

    Ever wanted to use React together with markdown in your projects? Now you can with gatsby-plugin-mdx. Write markdown for your pages while importing React components in the same file.

  • Why The Hook: Evolution of Stateful Logic Composition in React

    A brief history of how stateful logic in React evolved from mixin, to HOC/Render Props, and finally to hooks today. You would understand why hooks is a better patterns in React.

  • Why We Should Write CSS in JS

    In this talk we will walk through on the advantages of writing CSS in JS and why its the right time to end the Global style-sheet for Local style-sheet using CSS-in-JS.