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Boost your developer experience with GraphQL

by Yong Shean

Managing data fetching and UI rendering logics when dealing with API calls are the most challenging and often frustrating for most developers. This talk presents the benefits that GraphQL offers for enhancing developer experience.

Creating CSS Animations in React

by Wendy Kong

CSS animations (when used correctly) can add life to your website and engage users. In this talk we will explore a simple animation built on pure CSS and HTML, and how to make the code cleaner and more extensible using React and Emotion.

Deploying React Native to Web

by Joel Yek

With Expo you can deploy to iOS and Android with ease. Now you can use Expo for web as well 🤯

Peeking inside React: The Background Magic

by Abhishek Prasad

Looking into how react is rendered and what are the processes that they follow, VDom, Reconciliation, Memoization.

Using MDX in Gatsby site

by Matthew Yong

Ever wanted to use React together with markdown in your projects? Now you can with gatsby-plugin-mdx. Write markdown for your pages while importing React components in the same file.

Why The Hook: Evolution of Stateful Logic Composition in React

by Malcolm Kee

A brief history of how stateful logic in React evolved from mixin, to HOC/Render Props, and finally to hooks today. You would understand why hooks is a better patterns in React.