Tech Referrals

We're opening up this initiative to connect Covid-affected tech job seekers with hirers. We have had the pleasure of working with organizations and recruiters that hosted our pre-Covid meetups. It's not a replacement for job application platforms, but it's a starting point to connect people.

Our objective is to cease operating this initiative after it has served its purpose.

For Seekers

We're targetting experienced hires, fresh grads, and especially re-skilled individuals.

Drop your details at Form for Seekers and we'll reach out to you.

Showcase your personal projects so that we can pass it along too.

For Hirers

We're looking to connect with hirers too. Recruiters, tech leads, startups, and anyone hiring for full-time (preferrably with health insurance) are welcome.

Drop us your email at Form for Hirers to get connected. We'll reach out to you to understand the skill sets you're looking for.