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Reacting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Recent Speakers

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  • Abhishek Prasad

    Fave Malaysia

    Software Engineer at Fave, loves working on JS stuff and contributing to open source.

  • Aymen Al-Ashwal


    Senior developer at Nintex, I work primarily with JS and I love creating applications in React.

  • Malcolm Kee


    A software engineer making web applications functional and accessible. He conducted workshops to teach others on React and web development. Trying to quit his addiction to coffee.

  • Mohd Burhan

    Working as a Full stack Dev. Active in React Native and Laravel

  • Mohsen Asle Zaim


    Existence precedes essence. Javascript developer, gamer, tech enthusiast and heavy metal fan, with sense of humor at core.

  • Vijay Pushkin

    Full Stack engineer in Accendo HR, who works mainly with TypeScript and React.

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