• 6.30pm

    Get to know each other + eating

  • 7.00pm

    My journey in scaling frontend applications

    A brief sharing about how I overcame the challenges when rolling out the frontend application to different markets and regions, and what I learnt from this journey.

  • 7.30pm

    Micro-frontend with React

  • 8.00pm

    Microservices in the real world: Pitfalls and patterns

    Microservices have evolved from a buzzword to a default in many organizations.

  • 8.30pm

    My setup and workflow for a npm package

    Creating and maintaining a npm package is a useful technique to share code across projects. This talk will shares my setup and workflow for npm packages that I am currently using in work.

  • 8.45pm

    Hiring shoutout


/* in alphabetical order */

  • Faisal Arba'in

  • Malcolm Kee


    A software engineer making web applications functional and accessible. He conducted workshops to teach others on React and web development.

  • Mohd Khairulnizam

  • Nereus Eng

    A software engineer who focuses more on the frontend, enjoy creating scalable solutions.

  • Timothy Teoh

    Tim is an AWS and Google Cloud professionally certified architect with experience across the full stack of frontend, backend, and infrastructure. Currently with Maxis, he previously worked in iProperty and YTL.