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KL React Meetup November: Talks & Clinic

Wed, 20 Nov 2019 7:00 PM

@Suria Labs

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  • 7.00pm


    Food Consuming + Human Social Activity + React Clinic

  • 7.30pm

    Hidden Powers of Template Literals

    Vijay Pushkin

    People usually think that backticks (` `) are yet another quote for strings. But that's much more to string literal in JavaScript than normal single and double quotes. I'll talk about how string literals can be used a in CSS in JS, Web Component and how `Literal Tag` functions works.

  • 8.00pm

    Why I Hate Hooks

    Sergio Utama

    Hook is a bad way to manage state in your application, it's easily abused, difficult to test, often hiding bad architecture decision behind fancy functional programming API, creating unnecessary performance bottleneck in your apps and more.

  • 8.30pm

    React Cocurrent Mode

    Malcolm Kee

    An overview of the next major React feature - Concurrent Mode. Understand how concurrent mode could improves user experience by unlocking new UI patterns that was not possible previously.

  • 9.00pm

    wrap up

    Go home.


in alphabetical order

  • Malcolm Kee


    A frontend engineer making web applications functional and accessible. He conducted workshops to teach others on React and web development. He is currently learning to play guitar. 🎸

  • Sergio Utama

    Polyglot fullstack dev, specialist on mobile apps. Currently working as Head of Engineering in social commerce startup called Pollen.

  • Vijay Pushkin

    Full Stack engineer in Accendo HR, who works mainly with TypeScript and React.