React Clinic

Get diagnosis of your code that is causing you headache.

Everyone is welcomed to give help/suggestion. You would be surprised how often solutions emerge when you start ask questions. Don't feel that you have to be an expert to help.


For Those Seeking Help

  1. Register yourself by stating your intention to join during the RSVP in
  2. Follow our Code of Conduct.
  3. Bring your laptop so that you can show others the code and the part that is causing your headache.
  4. If it's a work related project, seek the approval/confirmation from your superior before the session. If your company policy does not permit that, create a sample in CodeSandbox to illustrate the problem in advance.
  5. Ask help courteously. We will help you to get a partner if possible. However, feel free to ask anyone nearby to discuss on your problem.
  6. Be considerate if your partner refuses to help or wish to leave the session. They may want to help others, or may be interested in the tech talk. You can always look for another partner.
  7. If you are not comfortable with the behavior of your doctor (e.g. opening another program without consent, opening non-related folders), please voice out your concern to your partner or any member of the organizing committee.
  8. Feel free to help others if you think you can contribute. Just make sure you follow the rules below.

For Those Giving Help

  1. Register yourself by stating your intention to join during the RSVP in
  2. Follow our Code of Conduct.
  3. You are not obligated to help until the problem is solved. In any point of the session, if you wish to stop (because you feel you can't help further or you want to listen to talk), feel free to express your intention.
  4. Don't take over the keyboard without consent. Even if you get the consent, you should focus on the current code that has been shown. Don't open other programs/files without seeking consent first. Respect the privacy of others.


The clinic operation hours is throughout the meetup hours.

You are free to move between the talk area and the clinic.

Terms & Conditions

React Clinic is a session for developers to help each other to solve technical problems. It is a community activity driven by volunteers, and we do not gain any profits from this activiy.

By participating in React Clinic, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions as set out below:

  1. You are responsible to ensure confidentiality of information (such as trade secret and customer information) is safeguarded and not leaked illegally. If you are unsure if the code shared during the session will cause issues, we recommend that you create an example code that reproduces the issue or seek approval/confirmation from your superior/manager first.

  2. You are responsible to decide whether to accept or reject the suggestions/solutions provided for the technical problem during the session. If you are unsure if a solution provided by another member is optimal, feel free to seek a second. At the end of the day, it's your responsibility and only you are held accountable for the implementation of the solution in your project.

  3. You have read our Code of Conduct and follow it.