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  • Abhishek Prasad

    Fave Malaysia

    Software Engineer at Fave, loves working on JS stuff and contributing to open source.


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    • Peeking inside React: The Background Magic
  • Aymen Al-Ashwal


    Senior developer at Nintex, I work primarily with JS and I love creating applications in React.

  • Azizi Yazit

    UI Developer who write angular and react component library.

  • Joel Yek

    BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

    Frontend Software Engineer working actively on React, React Native and all things JS. Conduct React Native workshop, love meeting new people and used to do quite a bit of NodeJS. Plus, I’m super interested in New Space related stuff 😎

  • Lewis

    I am a Web Developer working with react and react native on the front end

  • Malcolm Kee


    A frontend engineer making web applications functional and accessible. He conducted workshops to teach others on React and web development. He is currently learning to play guitar. 🎸

  • Matthew Yong

    Hong Leong Bank

    Solution architect whose job has nothing to do with houses. Likes banking tech, loves coffee more.

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  • Mohd Burhan

    Working as a Full stack Dev. Active in React Native and Laravel

    Talk in React KL

  • Mohsen Asle Zaim


    Existence precedes essence. Javascript developer, gamer, tech enthusiast and heavy metal fan, with sense of humor at core.

  • Vijay Pushkin

    Full Stack engineer in Accendo HR, who works mainly with TypeScript and React.

  • Wendy Kong


    Writes code for the web, makes art for fun. Exploring brand new ways to do the same old things.

  • Yong Shean

    I love writing code, fascinate about trying new technologies and concepts, discuss and sharing knowledge with great people around. I'm passionate in making applications easily maintainable and fun to build.

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