KL React June Online Meetup

Tue, 23 Jun 2020 8:30 PM



  • 8.30pm

    Accessibility First

    Looking into how we can design websites for people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions. Thereby, taking care of the entire spectrum of our users.

  • 9.10pm

    Effective TypeScript: 7 Ways to Improve Your TypeScript

    TypeScript is getting traction in recent years as it provides type safety to the dynamic JavaScript without causing runtime overhead. However, as TypeScript keep evolving, the yesterday best practices may becomes obsolete and should be replaced with something more idiomatic and powerful features. This talk will covers 7 concrete and actionable tips to improve your TypeScript code.

  • 9.50pm

    News and Updates of React Ecosystem

This Month on React

  • Recoil, an Experimental State Management Library by Facebook

    A state management library by Facebook that helps with React applications that requires state coordination between elements far from each other in the component tree. Similar to MobX, it features auto subscriptions of data to component so it only re-render components if the data that it subscribes to changes. One notable difference of Recoil compared to other existing libraries is it is very React-centered and its concepts seems very natural if you're already familiar with React. The way I look at it is "super-powered" `useState`. As of now, it's still considered as experimental.

  • Mock Service Worker, mocking your API for development and testing

    MSW (Mock Service Worker) is a mocking utility that mock your network requests using Service Worker. It supports mocking in NodeJS environment so you can use the same sets of mocking in your development and Jest testing.

  • Remix, React framework by creators of React Router

    React framework from the creators of React Router, Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson. It is still under development, but they have a newsletter that talk about the problems in current React ecosystem and their approach on how to solve them.

  • Cypress Component Tests - test your components in real browser environment

    Cypress, the end-to-end testing framework that we featured previously, has added a beta feature - Component Testing. You can use it to test a React component in isolation. The benefit of it over using Jest is it will runs in actual browser environment instead of JSDOM.